Banking veteran Rob Craig joins payFURL as Chief Strategy Officer

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August 1, 2022

Banking industry veteran, Rob Craig has been appointed Chief Strategy Officer at payFURL, an Australian next generation online payment orchestration platform that uniquely connects merchants and retailers to the fast-growing number of online payment options available here, and globally. 

Rob’s local and international experience spans WestpacNABBank of New Zealand and National Westminster Bank. He was also Chair of AusPayNet (Australian Payments Network) for seven years.

More than 150 different FinTech Payment Service Providers (PSPs) have emerged in Australia alone, according to KPMG. However recent research from Australia Post indicates one in four (23%) Australian online shoppers want more payment options at the digital checkout.

The disconnect between a massive supply of payment options, and lack of availability on many retail sites, suggests a “multi-billion dollar-sized opportunity gap between supply and demand,” says Rob.

“The flight to home during COVID accelerated the $62 billion online shopping marketplace. The parallel surge in new FinTech payment options is brilliant in terms of digitising and automating our economy, and Australia has world-class infrastructure in place with eftpos and the New Payments Platform Australia (NPPA) that can handle that diversity of options.

“The very real challenge is that all these new options bring a swathe of governance risk, technology complications and cost for merchants, payment gateways and retailers. You almost need a PhD in payments to enable that choice for consumers. That’s where payFURL comes in, and it excites me to be part of activating that commercial opportunity gap for our clients to the advantage of our economy as a whole,” he says.

CEO and co-founder of payFURL, Luke Littler explains, “The simple genius of payFURL is it’s like a secure bridge between consumer demand, and all these emerging and traditional PSPs: a secure, single connection point that allows merchants and online service providers to turn any number of payment options on, and off, depending on what different local and international markets might offer, and buyers’ demand.

“Rob’s vast experience in local and international payment services, and particularly governance from his years as Chair at AusPayNet, give him an unmatched level of authority and credibility in this space. The payFURL team is thrilled to have Rob join us at such a pivotal time in our history to help make the online marketplace truly accessible to everyone,” he concludes.

payFURL was co-founded in 2019 by Chief Executive Officer Luke Littler, Chief Technology Officer David Cameron, and Chief Commercial Officer Scott Lingard with a vision to build a capable solution to the growing international payments space from its base in Australia, to the advantage of the global payments industry.