Mo’ payments, mo’ problems!

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February 14, 2022
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February 25, 2022
Mo’ payments, mo’ problems!

The explosion in recent years of the different ways to make and receive payments is exciting. Making eCommerce more accessible to consumers, allowing consumers to pay when they want, how they want and as quick as they want is changing the face of online retail every day.

But, it brings “mo’ problems” for the infrastructure that ecommerce runs on. Shopping carts, ticketing systems, billing systems - you name it, every merchant using these platform wants to offer their customers every method of payment available. So how are they supposed to keep up?!

They can back a few horses - a couple of gateways, a few wallets and a preferred buy now, pay later offering. But in the current climate that isn’t enough.

And, a platform’s core business is not payment integrations - but they are forced to spend their resources both financial and technical development on adding new payment options for customers and maintaining the existing ones.

This is one of the challenges that makes the team at payFURL get out of bed each day. How can we make it easier for merchants to receive payments the way they want and not be restricted? We know this starts at the platform.

In speaking with the platforms, managing payments providers and payment integrations is very time consuming and labour intensive.

So we make life easier for a platform by taking away the worry about constantly connecting gateways and payment. One integration opens up any number of gateways and payment methods. And being payment integration experts, we can quickly and easily integrate new ones, as long as their API is nice to us!

With SDKs, a Sandbox and 1st class documentation - it’s a no-brainer for any platform wanting to expand their payment offering, without needing to become a payments company!

And, payFURL manages all this and keeps the integrations up to date into the future.

So, to all Heads of Partnerships, Head of Product, Senior Payments people at all you platforms out there - contact us today and let’s make your life easier!